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  • HNP Magnesium Sport Flakes 4kg

    HNP Magnesium Sport Flakes 4kg

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    Pure Magnesium Flakes helps your body to recover quickly after sports or physical effort.
    Magnesium has an important role by many processes in the body. It is one of the most important minerals and therefore it is essential.

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    Product description

    Magnesium flakes helps your body to recover after sport or physical effort. The use of
    magnesium flakes:
    - Relaxes and helps with the recovery of muscles
    - Absorption through the skin
    - Keeps the joints and muscles flexible
    - Relieves and relaxes at muscle pain and cramp

    When you use the flakes when you take a bath you will notice that after approximately 20 minutes your skin is feeling soft and smooth.
    You skin feels smooth and your muscles will relax.
    The absorption of the magnesium through the skin make you feel relaxed and you will sleep well.


    When you take a bath we advise you to use 0,5-1kg magnesiumflakes at a time. The recommended temperature of the water is around 37 degrees celcius.

    Add the flakes to the water and they will quickly dissolve.
    You can also use the flakes for a foothbath, then use approximately 125gr at a time.